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HP Devone (2022) vs. System76 Lemur Pro (lemp11)

I have been a Macbook user my whole life and have recently started looking into getting a Linux laptop. I purchased the HP Devone and the System76 Lemur Pro i7 and have them side by side. Here are my thoughts.

Note: from here on out I will use D1 to reference the HP Devone and Lemp to reference the Lemp11.

My Use Case

I will first begin by describing what I want to use my laptop for and what I want out of it. I travel a lot both long distance and locally. I like to walk around, find cool spots to post up at and do work. Sometimes this is indoors, sometimes outdoors. This means I want to be able to comfortably use my laptop with it's built in hardware, not docked. My work consists of writing (note taking) and coding. At the moment I am working on small projects that don't need any intense compilation (usually Rust or Go). I also like to do some light video editing here and there.


Both feel very sturdy and have little flex in the main chassis. The Lemp has far more bend in the screen than the D1, but I don't mind or notice this at all. I honestly really like the feel of them both.



The Lemp is insanely light at 2.54lbs while the D1 comes in at 3.24lbs. It is very noticeable. I love the feel and weight of the Lemp

Winner: Lemp


The most notable difference here is that the D1 has a glossy screen and the Lemp is a matte screen. I often found myself in situations where the D1 screen had a distracting amount of reflection.

The D1 screen also has a very odd privacy filter situation going on, which makes it's viewing angles annoyingly tight. So much so that simply changing the angle of the screen will make a significant difference in visibility, especially when you are looking at dark content (a terminal screen for instance). There is often an "ideal" angle at which you can actually see everything clearly without any weird shadowing (and even then it seems there is a slight vignette effect near the edges). Combine this with a glossy screen and a position where the screen faces a window and you now have an annoying reflection on half your screen that you can't get rid of lest you want half your screen to have a significant gray gradient.

Winner: Lemp


The D1 has a significantly better keyboard which I have zero complaints about. Neither keyboard is "bad" or "unusable" but the keys on the D1 are consistent and tactile. The keys on the Lemp are a bit less tactile (not squishy, just less so) and inconsistent. Most keys larger than 1u (like the backspace and enter key) produce a slightly different feel and sound when pressed or tapped on different sections of the key, the worst point to press being closest to the center which also happens to be the spot I press the most.