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Ulyxes shirts


Material Collection

  • Go to second hand stores and find clothing
    • Quality varriance will affect price
    • How long does this actualy take to find acceptable clothing, per store?

We can potentially go through drouhts periods where we can't find anything good. This adds an element of scarcity, which can work in our favor. However, this time spent searchin must be accounted for in finances.


  • Find historical inspiration
  • Alter(?)
  • Convert design to vector
    • Cost?


  • Burn screen (1 day max, ~2 hours of work)
  • Print (~1 hour of setup and cleaning, seconds per shirt)
    • Cost of ink per shirt is insignificant


  • Take photos of shirts with prints
  • Post on site
    • Price(!!)
  • Package and ship orders
    • Time consuming

How much are people willin to pay for these? I don't think tshirts will be worth it at all to start, but sweatsirts are harder to come by.


  • Educational website/blog/community
  • Instagram

Partnership Notes

  • financial risk
  • design input
  • physical work
  • accounting/paperwork

Market Research

  • Reducin our market size by combinin niches; hhistorical enthusiasts (the definition of enthusiast here is unclear) and people willin to order used clothin online.
  • How can we gaue interest for this idea spending as little work and time as possible?